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Olymp Nautika

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1Olymp Nautika Empty Olymp Nautika Tue Mar 08, 2022 9:09 pm



Olymp Nautika was founded in 2008/2009 in the industrial shipbuilding town of Pula, Croatia, Europe, with purpose of research, development and design and manufacture of special multi-purpose vessel, which will be the leading product in the segment of such vessels in the world. Lead partner in the research, development, and testing of vessels is Brodarski Institut (Marine Research and Advanced Technologies) of Zagreb.

In the fields of advanced technologies for use of top quality materials involving experts Olimp Nautika trained in the UK, in the development of the production of ship equipment involved Uljanik, Pula, an engineer in the propulsion is Scam Marin from Rijeka.



On the bow of the boat, there is an anchor of 1300 Watt, with a rope and anchor and fastening windlass. There are bollards strong enough to fasten the boat up to 50.000 kg. The boat is equipped with the modern navigation equipment.
It is possible to equip the boat with additional military devices (High definition radar, Thermo camera (IC FLIR), military HF …)
Built materials and additional features

The hull of the boat is produced with the use of the latest technologies (3D Vacuum S Max Infusion), and with best possible materials in regards of resistance known in the world now days (use of Kevlar of higher density). The use of new technology and the construction of the very project enabled the manufacture of a light hull with incredible high carrying capacity, that may not be compared with any other boat of that sort. The fuel economy of CMPB-46 is also superior because it can reach more than 500 nm at speed of 40 knots.
The constructional hull hardenings are made of the best and the strongest materials (PVC 300 kg/m3). The interior and the cockpit are manufactured in the latest sandwich technology. Well positioned openings on the cockpit bottom enable draining of the sea and the rain, with self-draining of the cockpit and the deck. On the deck of the cockpit a bracket with dynamics seats are positioned.
For the speed over +50 knots, for which the boat is meant for, special care was taken about the choice of seats, due to the high accelerations to body of the persons, who are on the boat.
Cabin version

In the cabin is enough place for 8 staff, under the deck is place for the rest of staff or place for up to 12 passengers.
Cabin CMPB-46 is equipped with kitchen, wc, hot water, air condition and it could be three days independent on the sea.
In the ambulance version is under the deck place for health care.

Olymp Nautika C001-400x284 Olymp Nautika C002-400x284 Olymp Nautika C005-400x284


LONG: 46.75 ft  //  14.25 m
WIDTH: 14 ft  //  14.25 m
HIGHT: 4.2 m  //  4 m
WEIGHT:15.800/25.300 lb  //  7.200/11.500 kg
TUBES DIAMETER: 31 inch  //  0.8 m
MAXIMUM SPEED: +40/+60 knots
SEA WORTHINESS: wmo sea state  // 8


FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 800 / 1500 litre (aluminium or PVC)
AUTHONOMY WITH FULL TANK: 400 nm at + 50 knots // 500 nm at + 40 knots

LOAD: up to 10.000kg
NUMBER OF SEATS: Open: 24  /  Cabin: 9


– remote weapon station up to 20mm
– manual firegun up to 12.7mm
– grenade launcher up to 40 mm

– rapid obscuring system
– bulletproof protection
– thermal protection

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